Affordable Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation is a fundamental part of getting people to your website, the other is using website design services. talk to random people The two go together like gear-and-chain or bat-and-ball, no point having one without the other. There is no point optimising your website if people really cannot stand the layout or find their way around your site. Likewise there is no point producing the best looking wangly-fangly website in the world using the latest multimedia resources like Flash and Shockwave etc. when you are not listed on any search engines due to your pages not being remotely search engine friendly.

If you already have your own website but are considering a redesign of the entire site or just your homepage, we can also do that for you. Website redesign packages is only one of the items on our website design services menu. All we would need from you is how you would like your new website to look and we would work closely with you and your requirements to achieve a design you are happy with. It would not be enough to just say to us “I want it more cataloguey…” as this does not help us much, you would have to have some idea of how you would want it to look otherwise we would be shooting in the dark.

We also have a selection of free search engine optimisation tools for you to use to enhance your website with regards to search engines and how they see your site. From a complete meta tag creator to a tool that just creates keywords, all the seo tools are free for you to use at any time. All we ask is that if you like the tool and use it for your own purposes, you put a link on your site to us. Relevant types of links are shown with each tool.

Website design is a critical part of website supremity, a site that has been created with a good design is more likely to bring visitors back than one with no user friendly information. We try to get a nice balance between good website design, search engine friendliness and value for money. We believe you will find our costs very competitive with regards to the services we provide; in fact we balk at some of the costs our competitors charge for mundane things like a contact page for your website or even such things as an e-commerce shop for your products. We try to provide everyone with a cost effective way to get a prescence on the internet with a good looking site that does not cost the earth. Contact us for more information – we will be happy to hear from you and we will respond to your website design or search engine optimisation enquiry as soon as possible.

We are continually updating the website and adding new pages, resources and free tools for all you budding website designers and search engine optimisation enthusiasts. At the moment we are progressing through a transition period from old site to new, better designed, more user friendly website. New stuff is still being added and I am certain that there will always be something new on this website each week, we are soon going to be adding a news page to allow us to inform you better on the latest additions to the site and also any ground breaking information about all things search engine optimisation and website design orientated.

Also on it’s way in the free tools section of the site will be a resource area for people who want to try their hand at website creation. It will contain descriptions of all the html tags you can use to create a website plus an explanation of various metatags you can use and why you should use them, some free javascripts to use on your own site plus some design tips and search engine optimisation do’s and don’ts.

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