What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Townhouse

Living in a townhouse is the perfect solution for people looking for ease of maintenance, convenience, security and the feeling of community. These type of homes are similar to regular ones, but unlike single-family homes, these houses are connected to each other on either side of the unit. Integrated Realty group can guide and advise you to find the perfect townhouse you are looking.

The following are some of the benefits you would experience if you buy a townhouse:

  1. Maintenance and landscaping: one of the advantages of living in a townhouse is the limited responsibility and costs of upkeep for the property and yard. Most townhouses have small garden areas thus yard work is minimal. Maintenance for a consistent landscape, are usually performed by homeowners association fees which you are of course, responsible for paying.
  2. Privacy and ownership: Each unit remains separated from the rest due to an individualized entry to each property even though the units are connected. Another important aspect is that you own the land on which your unit is built and any outdoor living spaces attached to your home.
  3. Amenities: Townhome communities provide features that are desirable to many residents, but they are not affordable on their individual budgets. Usually, homeowners association fees maintain tennis courts, pools, fitness centers and also playgrounds for children.
  4. Safety: It ‘s hard for a trespasser to break in unnoticed due to neighbors on both sides and all around you. With neighbors living in such proximity, it is rarely to notice unusual activity or noises.
  5. Ownership: A townhouse unit and the land on which it sits, is entirely owned by the owner. Unlike a condominium owner, it owns only the condo unit itself but not the land. Sometimes, townhome owners are often exposed to fewer restrictions imposed by the homeowner´s association over certain areas like the yard. The townhouse owner will be able to grill outside its house, while it is forbidden for the condo´s owner.
  6. Cost: Usually townhouses do not cost as much as single-family homes because of the shared foundation and walls. A townhouse might on cooling and heating utilities compared to a single family house because at the construction style.
  7. Conveniently located: these houses are commonly located close to bus stops, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospital, offices and recreational facilities such as playgrounds and public parks. It means that anyone who lives in townhouses is capable of having access to where they need to go, saving you gas and time.

A townhouse is a good real estate investment. The benefits of owning such property involve better security, amenities such as shopping malls and hospitals, access to standard facilities like parking bays, and lower purchase and maintenance. With all the advantages mentioned above, the best thing you can do before taking the first step is to contact a qualified real estate agent to guide you and listen to your needs. Here is a video for you that contains five aspects to consider before buying a townhouse.


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