Ford Escape And The 2012 Version

Ford Escape has always been the most popular compact SUV in the U.S. and in both countries. Because in fact it is the top seller last “cash-for-clunkers program, according to U.S. Transportation Department would – just to make SUV top 10 area, which is a very large population, you can be sure that the car is really great. Ford Motor Company, first presented in this miracle car in the 2000 2001 model. This body style has a 4-door SUV. Ford Escape layout carries front engine, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It is a Ford CD2 platform and it is linked to Mercury sailor took place in 2005 models. Mazda had situations where they decide to help develop the car. At that time, Ford owns a controlling interest. And this, Mazda Tribute was born. In Europe, Ford, Escape sold to the Ford Maverick. In 2004, Ford Escape hybrid is created. this is a hybrid electric vehicle is 75% less fuel than the original Escape. It also offers a 110-volt AC (150 watts) plug-in outlet, flows into a small home accessories, such as an option. After Ford Escape Hybrid Escape shadow of the original glam light and took the SUV lovers. Today, Ford Motor Companyis on another dazzling Escape erupt. Visit:

New is a fantastic thing called the 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid or Ford Escape Hybrid Plug-in. this hits the showroom in 2012, but the creation and strengthening of starting as early as last year. 2012 version has undergone some changes, inter alia, design, mechanical part, features, fuel, and of course price. Now 20 currently tested a trial version of the distribution company fleets in California, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Quebec, Canada. About 130 more were tests. By 2012 Ford Escape, which gets you a clean-sheet redesign. Style, it has been designed The European arm of Ford after the company’s new style theme kinetic, which is characterized by a large lower grille, swept back headlamps blacked-out window frames, and strongly defined wheel arches. And it now has a longer wheelbase and higher roof line to increase the head room. Mechanical factors, basic models will be sold North and South America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere, only minor changes to suit individual markets. The new Escape is developing Mazda 3 planning. It is still front-wheel drive, but it also invests in four-wheel drive high-performance models, and compact crossover utility vehicles, including ylinder engine. It is also the engine 2 0-liter Ford estimates that 155 hp and 145 pound-feet of torque.

The delivery option is a six-speed manual or a new Powershift transmission Ford, which is really state-of-art six-speed dual-clutch manual gearbox performance automatically. Added and improved features are mostly felt the car. It is expensive features than high-tech dashboard, which complements the traditional sound and air-conditioning of liquid crystal displays (LCD) and mobile phone-style five-way buttons and keyboards. Called MyFord, it is customizable and maintain steering wheel controls or voice commands. The basic system uses a couple of February 4-inch LCD screen, one of the most important instrument in front of the driver, the other above the center console display and adjust the climate and infotainment functions. Expensive versions are 8-inch display with a key. MyFord is designed to work with Ford’s Microsoft-developed Sync system hands -free connection for communication, navigation and entertainment services.

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